Coming to work can be something that you look forward to every day. But for some people, it can be very discouraging and it could be due to the fact that their office space is just gloomy and sometimes they are too cheerless.

“ I used to came to this particular office and instantly felt so uninviting and I feel terrible for their employees as they need to get done with tasks in a very miserable environment”

Thus, here’s a few ways to increase the look of your office space that will only invite the good vibes within it!

Provide a coffee station


Who doesn’t like coffee? We all do right! Well, working at a desk can be mind-numbing, and you can get very worn out. It’s important to take your “five-minute coffee breaks” along the way so that your mind can stay sharp and focused. Did you know? It is scientifically proven that caffeine can easily get into the brain and it is proven that it can increase mental focus and concentration.

With the ever-increasing choices of coffee in the market today, we can simply taste a good coffee in the office just like the baristas did it! YES, you heard it right … Stock up your coffee bar with some coffee drip bags and whenever you feel like having a real coffee with your colleagues, it will only take less than a minute to prepare it! Besides coffee break, providing a variety of snacks such as dark chocolate can improved heart health, lower cholesterol, increased cognition, and even cancer prevention because they’re a great source of antioxidants. It is an enticing way to get your team eating healthy throughout the day so they can stay sharp and focused. Don’t forget to choose individually packaged snacks to promote portion control and snacking equality. Your team will have a good five-minute break if you provide these to your office.

Add more green (like a lot of them)

Photo: Sunnasideas

These indoor plants are the mirror images of their natural versions. Indoor plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and keep Oxygen flowing, the air gets purified by filtering toxins, thus can reduce tension and stress of the employees, creating a calm and happy ambiance whilst helping you to ultimately work better through improved concentration, increasing attention, enhanced creativity, and enriched overall well-being. It is a natural way to boosts up your mood and helps you to be more positive and productive. Among good indoor plants you can try are include Jade plant is a small, succulent plant with tiny flowers and only requires minimal watering, Parlor Palm; most popular and well known indoor plants, European Fan where it believes grow well indoors compared to another fan type of palms, Golden Pothos climbing type plant with aerial roots that attach themselves to trees and others.

Gaming area

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Let’s just be honest here, who doesn’t like to take a break in between your workloads with some fun games in the office space? We all do! Office games also serve as ways to get to know each other. Not only introverts can try to mingle around, but a gaming area can also help them come out of their shell and develop relationships with colleagues.

Having a game area is a great way to enhance communication between colleagues and creating stronger bonding within a team. It encourages employees to interact beyond work-related issues and facilitates positive communication and vibes among the office staff. A fun work environment encourages collaboration and develops a stronger sense of community among employees. Taking the example of how fun and exciting the GOOGLE’s is, where they have a variety of games in the game area, with that being said: “because at Google, it is a place to work and play ” –

Excellent Lighting


Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. Lighting can be vital to get a perfect sense of space. Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed office space. Your space can be equipped with unique design furniture, cheerful color combinations, and elegant desks, but none of that will truly shine unless you have the right lighting. Make sure your office is occupied by a unique design lamp with as much natural light as possible to enhance the look of your desk as well as the working space.

A few colors selection you can refer to if you want to get into a different mood. It is proven that Bright Light can heighten emotion. This can be used in the meeting room, where you need everyone to be highly aware of the discussion that is ongoing in the room. Meanwhile, Blue Light can make us more energetic, this can be perfectly placed at each desk as it helps to give us some extra energy and make us more alert. Natural Light, on the other handresearchers believe exposure to natural light helps our bodies stick to their natural circadian rhythms so that they know when to feel alert and energetic and when to feel tired or sleepy. Getting more exposure to natural light can only mean helping your employees to get into a better and sharp mood.

Scented Candles / Diffuse aromatherapy Oils

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You can diffuse oils in your own office, light a candle, or just use scented sprays. Scents are powerful in creating and altering your mood, having a nice smell of the working space can really make your workspace feel comfy as well as can create a peaceful mind for the employees.

According to Apartment Therapy, there are certain scents that can stimulant your mind. Aromas like mint, lemon, orange, rosemary, and cinnamon can invigorate your senses and give you that extra boost you need to stay on top of your work and off your phone. It can be said that almost everyone will likely include a few candles during their self-care rituals to ease stress and implement calming properties into the atmosphere

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