Customer satisfaction plays an important role to your sales performance. It measures how satisfied a customer is with a product, experience, or services. It is crucial to know their satisfaction with your services as it helps businesses understand what they need to do to retain customers for long-term business growth.

We’ve listed out a few fresh ideas to improve customer satisfaction and help you to reach out to your customers better.

Engage with your customer’s offline and online

In order to improve customer satisfaction; customer service has evolved over the past years. Instead of meeting privately in person or via phone call, it is now evolved around social media as well. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram purchase for consumers to connect with their favorite brands almost instantly, making customer service much crucial than ever before.

Furthermore, thanks to the advanced technologies, there are few applications you can use to get your customers to feedback including UserVoice where customers submit ideas, issues or suggestions, and other users can vote these ideas up and down to a forum where they can access, Feedbackify where it allows you to ask specific questions to your customers specifically (such as, “Rate our new design on a scale of 1 to 10”), and solicit feedback in customization categories (such as ideas, bug reports or general comments) and SuggestionBox where it’s focused on soliciting ideas and suggestions from your customers.

Provide fast and efficient customers support

Customers always value their time. Thus, whenever they encountered any problems, they will expect a quick and comprehensive response. Therefore, rapid response is of substantial importance in customer satisfaction. Put some focus on how prompt the answers are, not only on their quality.

It will surely help with their satisfaction with your business. Make it fun and easy for your customers to educate themselves on your product or service. From YouTube videos to structured Q&A-pages; with infographics and comprehensive FAQs — choose the best option for your brand and budget.

Enhance your employees with adequate knowledge

It acquires a complete understanding to be able to answer your customer’s concerns and questions. A quick response is not the only thing that you should do, answers them with the right answer is also a key to their satisfaction.

In addition, always ensure your employees know what are they dealing with so there will be no doubts or getting the wrong answers. Making sure your employees are aware of the frequent questions and how to answer it accordingly.

You should also provide them with a complete welcome guide where they can refer to the book while entertaining to the customers’ problems.

Get to know your customers

Do you think you know your customer well enough? If you’re relying only on basic profile information and purchase history, think again! It is important to use all the data available such as behavioral data, Web analytics, and online/offline profitability.

Getting to know your customers’ needs might help you to understand more their desire and wants. This can create a mutual understanding between two parties, and thus producing an excellent end results and eventually inviting loyal customers.

Speaking of fostering trust and building long-term relationships, creating a customer loyalty scheme will not only boost your consumer retention rates but you will also open up a continual portal of communication between your brand and your audience. One of the ways you can achieve customers’ information is by doing surveys in exchange for a discount card for their next purchase.

Seek feedback

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One of the most easiest and straightforward means of seeking customer feedback is simply to ask them. This includes traditional surveys and questionnaires that ask customers about their experience. This way you will get an honest response and understand their needs even better.

As we are aware that most people tend to ignore survey questions sent to them knowing they got nothing to lose, you can improvise your surveys including giving incentives such as vouchers to motivate respondents to take your survey.

Furthermore, always be clear and direct with the questions. Respondents won’t know how to fill out a survey if they don’t understand what’s being asked of them. And lastly, make sure your survey is short and precise. If respondents see that your questionnaire consists of multiple pages, they’ll be more inclined to leave several questions unanswered.

Reward loyal customers

Customers are typically willing to spend more when they receive such custom-tailored service and they always come back to the same place once they are satisfied. Always treat them with surprises once in a while, for example getting a special promotion only for loyal customers and see they stick with you for the longest time!

In addition, Thank-you notes help you show clients how much you value them and that your brand views them as people, not just a source of profit. To show them how they’re very important to you, ensure to personalize the cards where you handwrite the customer’s name and make the signature and customize the tone, look, and the writing style of the card to reflect your brand.

Maintain good customer services etiquette

Global State report stated that” 62% of consumers worldwide mentioned they have stopped doing business with a brand after a poor customer service experience”. If you taking customers’ services very lightly and treat them like nobody, the chances they will never return to you are very likely to happen.

Every business should instill a good etiquette on how to communicate with their customers. This is what helps to maintain long-term customer relationships.

Never fail to make your customers feel comfortable, valued, and appreciated. Be knowledgeable of and understand the relevant policy and procedures. Treat them with truthful and accurate information because customers will always look for transparent information about your brands.

By following customer service etiquette tips, a customer service associate can establish a professional tone to the call, help calm unsatisfied customers.

Analyze online comments

Nowadays, people write about their feelings or talk about their day on media social. Follow your potential customers closely to get insight and honest opinions about their opinions because in the power of media social nowadays, people from all over the whole can read up anything that anyone posted online.

Thus, to ensure your brand stays on a good reputation, you should be monitoring not just your own social media channels, but third-party sites such as Yelp. Also, you can search for your business’ tags on services such as Twitter.

By doing so will show you what recent customers are saying about your business and will help you to improve your services.

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