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You just need hot water and 3 minutes to drink Specialty coffee anywhere, anytime!

Founder Story and Philosophy

My name is Monica and as you can probably tell, I love drinking coffee and Japanese culture! I am also part of the growing number of people who have become remote workers, so I often find myself in co-working spaces, hotels, and Airbnbs. While I was traveling across Japan and Korea I discovered the traditional single-serve pour over coffee that I could adapt easily to my lifestyle. I found out this was the perfect solution for a lazy person like me, since I was consuming those awful soluble and unhealthy instant coffees to avoid wasting time in going to the cafe or carrying coffee equipment with me for grinding and brewing. Since then I do not need anymore to wait queues in the cafe at peak times nor spend money in bad quality take-away coffees. I can enjoy the luxury of a great single origin anywhere anytime and kick off my bad coffee habits. So I can say this tiny change in my routine had a huge positive impact in my daily life! My ultimate goal is to promote the Slow Coffee culture made in Japan throughout Europe and USA. Every bag is crafted for a ‘slow moment’ of the day, and each drip bag name is based in a secret concept from Japan that I encourage you to research about and apply it inmediately to have a more productive, minimalist and happier life.

Our process

Our coffees are sourced ethically and directly with producers, and our top roaster is directly involved in different cooperation development projects. We are the only players in the market using biodegradable filters and eco-friendly packaging materials to fight against the environmental issues that capsules and pods are causing to our planet every single day. For quality and durability purposes we pack our coffees individually with nitrogen to preserve the freshness of the first roasting day up to 6 months. We also hold FDA, ISO SGS and HALAL certifications to ensure trustability and top quality to our future customers and partners.

Our inspiration

Coffee drip bags date back to 1990. The drip bag coffee, which is the “Coffee culture from Japan”, reflects the national character of the Japanese people, who pursues a fast and perfect cup of coffee adapted to their modern and mobile lifestyles. Japan seems to always find a more creative and precise way of doing everything. Nowadays coffee is consumed as a quick take-away or simply as a fast shoot of caffeine. Remote Coffee encourages coffee drinkers to experience this japanese coffee ceremony of self-brewing as a manner of slowing down and relaxing. We pursue the Ichi-Go-Ichi-E concept originated from the traditional tea ceremony, where every gathering is an occasion to be treasured. Today, people use it as a reminder to slow down and savor each moment, because every moment in life occurs only once.

Our core values

Specialty Quality standards are key for us, and that’s why all our coffees scoring are graded between 80-85. We believe the punctuation is not the only determinant factor and coffee drinkers should have their own tasting preference. The value of a coffee should be defined in terms of the context, story and organoleptic profile and not be based only on expert reviews or score. We pursue full transparency and traceability of the coffees and we display every information of our coffees regarding altitude, farmers, process and cooperatives.

Collaboration with Caohagan island NGO

Remote Coffee will continue providing support and financial help with a percentage of the annual profit to the NGO Caohagan island, located in the Philippines. You can know more in this article . We meet once a year in Caohagan, Spain or Japan with the owner of the island, Mr Katsuhiko Sakiyama and his wife Junko Yoshikawa. Since 1987 they have been developing the economy of the island like building an school, an eco-friendly resort and a medical center, and also taught to the islanders several creative skills such as quilting to produce their own income. The islanders still face hard financial troubles for the several natural disasters happening along the year and most of young people cannot afford attending to the university. You can also support them buying their quilts sending them a message in their facebook page , or if you are a Spanish speaker in this facebook page .


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