5 easy ways to enhance your office space vibes

Coming to work can be something that you look forward to every day. But for some people, it can be very discouraging and it could be due to the fact that their office space is just gloomy and sometimes they are too cheerless. “ I used to came to this particular office and instantly felt […]

8 Customer Satisfaction strategies to increase your sales

Photo: Rawpixel.co Customer satisfaction plays an important role to your sales performance. It measures how satisfied a customer is with a product, experience, or services. It is crucial to know their satisfaction with your services as it helps businesses understand what they need to do to retain customers for long-term business growth. We’ve listed out […]

Eco-friendly products – we’re going green now!

  Did you know that the statistic shows Gen Z and Millennial are considered to be the ones driving the sustainable movement with their lifestyle and behavioral activities? According to Bloomberg News, they are the generation groups to be the highest consumers that are mostly to use for eco-friendly products or sustainable products than other generations. This is the reason […]

How to achieve customer’s trust

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  The purpose of a business is to provide value to customers.  If it doesn’t do this, then it is not a business. Without customers, you cannot start a business. And if you don’t treat customers well, you might not be in business for very long! This is the importance of customers and the rest […]

How to apply Kaizen productivity philosophy to your business

Productivity is the key to success. The more productive you are, the faster you can reach your goals. Striving to obtain better productivity starts by embracing a philosophy that allows you to set clear borders, pursue lofty goals, and keep yourself grounded in the day to day challenges. This is where the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy […]