How to apply Kaizen productivity philosophy to your business

Productivity is the key to success. The more productive you are, the faster you can reach your goals. Striving to obtain better productivity starts by embracing a philosophy that allows you to set clear borders, pursue lofty goals, and keep yourself grounded in the day to day challenges. This is where the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy […]

Japanese coffee is the game changer to your business

Photo: Remote Coffee The history of Japanese Coffee Japan may be well known for its aromatic green tea, but the Japanese coffee is on the whole new level with its pour-over method. However, the history says; when it first bought to Nagasaki, it did not suit the flavor palette of the Japanese the locals didn’t like the […]

Tips to improve fast your hotel customer service

Treat your guests how you want to be treated. You may have already realised that Customer Service is of great importance to the hotel industry. People give their business where they believe they receive the most value in return for their money; and don’t let it escape you that the hotel business is service-based. This […]

What is a drip bag coffee?

Drip bag coffee has continually offered users a suitable and quick means of making cups of drip coffee conveniently, irrespective of your location or the time. It has a filter design, and also contains a ground coffee. Each bag of drip coffee is lightweight, portable, and compact, making it easy to carry. The presence of […]

Why you should provide a luxury guest satisfaction service in your hotel

Your guests are giving you money hoping for more value to come to them in return. If we give them less value than they believe their money is worth, will they want to come back for more? (Or in reality, come back for less!) On the other side, if we provide them with what they *value […]