Did you know that the statistic shows Gen Z and Millennial are considered to be the ones driving the sustainable movement with their lifestyle and behavioral activities?

According to Bloomberg News, they are the generation groups to be the highest consumers that are mostly to use for eco-friendly products or sustainable products than other generations.

This is the reason behind the campaign of “go green” is spreading worldwide, sales of reusable coffee cups and water bottles took off, not to mention that there is an increasing number of brand packaging made from recycled materials, even the plastic straws were banned in many restaurants as well as cafes.

And it is important to understand that if these generations keep sustaining their eco-friendly lifestyles, other generations including the Baby Boomer and Gen X are most likely close on their trail, a long-term change is highly taking place and the world might as well became eco-friendly communities altogether.

Perks of being an environmentally friendly business

You can help to reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources and benefits to many as follows:

Consumers are increasingly demanding natural products and social responsibility from vendors and suppliers through sustainability and green practices. Besides, promoting your environmentally friendly production can set your business apart from your competitors and attract new customers who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business.

As mentioned earlier, Gen Z and Millennials are very keen to ensure the sustainability of production thus by using sustainable materials, they are more likely to support your business.

Avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling can lower your costs. Eco-friendly business measures naturally lead to savings. Practices such as energy conservation, recycling, bio-degradable materials, energy-efficient equipment, solar power, and zero waste help lowering the cost, and have proven time and again to be far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional energy use.

Tax breaks are the government’s incentives offered to green businesses, they are willing to give to companies that effect environmentally friendly practices and solutions. In some countries like the U.S, there are a number of grants, subsidies, and financing programs available as well for the company or entrepreneur who seeks to be eco-friendlier.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG’S) by the United Nations which contains 17 goals altogether, Goal Number 12: responsible consumption and productionwhere it emphasizing sustainable consumption and production patterns.

This goal specifically calls for us to ensure that there will be no degradation of environmental resources, and to include policies that improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and mainstream sustainability practices across all sectors of the economy.

This is where the importance of including sustainable materials to your business is vital. More and more people are aware of the need to protect the environment by choosing sustainable lifestyles.

Among the well-known eco-friendly everyday products are BPA- free water bottles, metal straws, reusable paper bags, and zero waste products.

And for the coffee lovers out there, you can start using biodegradable coffee drip bags where it contains biodegradable filters with eco-friendly packaging. Each bag is flushed individually with nitrogen to preserve the freshness of the first day of roasting and you can enjoy your everyday coffee while literally saving the planet.

Isn’t that just so cool huh?

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