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Enjoy the Japanese ritual experience. 


You just need hot water and 3 minutes to drink Specialty coffee anywhere, anytime!

Frequently Asked

1Q1. "How do I order Remote Coffee Drip Bags / Drip Coffee Bags?"
All orders from Remote Coffee can be placed via email or phone. Once your request has been registered, a confirmation email will be sent to verify some essential details. The following information will be needed from you: Official company name Your billing address Delivery/shipping address VAT number Contact person, email and phone Once confirmed, you will receive an invoice with our bank details. As soon as we receive payment (or copy of payment confirmation from your bank), your order will be prepared and shipped. Step by step purchase procedure Place your order via email or phone. Request transportation arrangements ( we can handle that). Check the confirmation email and verify the details for approval. Make necessary payments as detailed in the invoice. Return payment proof from the bank or wait till we receive funds. Wait for goods to be packaged and shipped to your preferred location as soon as possibl
2Q2. "What are Remote Coffee Bags / Drip Coffee Bags and how do I use them?"
Remote Drip Coffee Bags / Coffee Drip Bags are mobile one-cup Japanese style coffee. They are portable, unique, and provide coffee lovers with premium flavors. Drip Coffee Bags easily anchor on top of any size of the mug; hence, you can brew high-quality and tasty coffee from wherever you are. A single sachet from Remote Coffee contains an adequate amount of grounds to brew 10 grams of coffee. However, this can vary depending on how light or strong you prefer your brew. Alongside excellent tastes and flavors, you also get to enjoy fantastic preservation on grounds for as long as 12 months. This is due to our nitrogen flushing of bags to keep them fresh for as long as possible for you. Here are some simple brewing directions for you: Tear filter along the perforation, just beneath the “open” label of the bag. Afterward, pull out anchors and secure the bag on your mug. Additionally, you can choose to fold anchors along perforation for extra stability. Top up bags with 150ml of water and let drip partially. Continue pouring hot water over the bag slowly until about 8 oz. is brewed. Finally, let coffee drip into your mug (this typically takes about a minute). Discard bag and enjoy your tasty Japanese-style coffee anytime and anywhere. Also, you can steep the coffee bag in your mug for a stronger and full-bodied serving.
3Q3. "How much does it cost?"
Our prices vary depending on single-origin selected, necessary shipment, complementary equipment, packaging type and customization. We offer whole packages from 10,000 to 100,000 bags. However, you can get a one-time sample of 1000 bags at $2 per bag. Once you place a bulk order, you are likely to get a price reduction.
4Q4. "How long does Remote Coffee drip bags stay fresh?"
Remote Coffee grounds will stay fresh for up to 12 months as long as they are properly stored. This preservation time is double the typical average due to our nitrogen flushing preparation. Also, we do not recommend using a drip bag twice. The amount of grounds provided inside each bag is perfectly suited for a single full tasty coffee cup.
5Q5: "Where does your coffee come from?"
All our coffees are specialty grade, traceable, responsibly and ethically sourced from all over the world. They’re grown by some of the world’s best farmers who are just as committed as us in producing great tasty coffees. We understand and empathize with them – our founder, Monica, has been planting coffee herself and visiting more than 13 countries of the coffee belt hunting rare coffees. We typically feature 5 coffees from our Premium or our Specialty grade. A huge chunk of these will be single-origin coffees, however, we also have two-blends that are roasted slightly darker and lighter for southern and northern European drinkers.
6Q6. "Where and how do you roast your coffee?"
At a local roastery in Hong Kong all our coffees are roasted, and for that, we use a  German Probat machine. We guarantee you freshness because we only roast coffee when ordered so that you would get it fresh. We have a roasting style that highlights and create unique flavors and characteristics for each and every coffee. The roasting of coffee is both an art and a science. In order to archive the optimal flavor profile of each and every coffee, we tend to roast light some coffees for northern european countries and for espresso drinkers who prefer something bolder, we also do a darker roast.
7Q7: "How about the shipping and logistics??"
We can arrange shipment to your business anywhere in the world, or prepare the coffee to be picked up by you or your shipping company. If you are located in Europe, we can ship to your doorstep. If you are in the USA, Oceania or Asia we can ship with terms CIF to your port of choice. Generally, the timeline looks like this: Day 1: Invoice paid. We ask our warehouse to kick-off the packaging the coffee. Day 2: Coffee is packed, and shipping is ordered. Day 3: Coffee is dispatched and delivered within a few days. Usually, the time between payment and delivery is within 1-2 weeks.
8Q8: "Can I have a personal meeting to test the coffee bags before a big purchase?"
Yes, you do have that facility. All you have to do is click on the LinkedIn address at the bottom of the page, and you can easily contact us and schedule a meeting. However, the possibility of the meeting personally depends on your location.
9Q9: "How about the customs clearance?"
Customs primarily clear all coffees from our UK warehouse in the EU. Coffee in our Singapore warehouse needs to be customs cleared when shipping, and in general, we will personally arrange for that to be done through our shipper.
10Q10: "Which are the payment terms?"
We require a 70% upfront payment before releasing coffee from our warehouse. All our invoices are issued in USD because we purchase our raw materials in the same currency. If USD-payments are impossible for you, we can accept EUR or GBP with an agreed exchange rate. Alternatively, you can use a third-party service like Transferwise to convert your local currency to USD.


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