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Filter Drip Bags with gourmet coffee


Enjoy the Japanese ritual experience. 


You just need hot water and 3 minutes to drink Specialty coffee anywhere, anytime!

A mobile Japanese-style Coffee

Combine the rich Japanese cultural heritage with the vibrant taste of authentic coffee, and treat your customers with a luxury product that sets the right mood.

Our goal is to help businesses that offer premium services with a culturally enriching coffee experience from Japan. 

You just need hot water and 90 seconds to enjoy this coffee-making ritual anywhere, at anytime.

360° Coffee Solution

There’s no better tasting coffee than one that’s newly roasted and ground. So each coffee filter is individually packed and flushed with nitrogen to ensure that your coffee remains fresh as day one of roasting.

You can say now goodbye to sour, bitter or terrible aftertaste. We combine the convenience of the instant format with the quality of your specialty local cafe.

Better still? You get to promote a healthy environment while enjoying your favourite beverage. 

Coffee on your terms, without the mess


Forget about low quality take-away coffees or queues at peak time, cleaning up your coffee machine or replacing capsules on a daily basis. Fortunately, with us, coffee can be enjoyed at a go and without any hassle. 
Also, you get to play a role in advocating for a safer environment, thanks to our biodegradable coffee drip bag filters. This allows you to provide your customers with a delightful experience while remaining eco-friendly.


4 Simple Steps

Easy brewing in just 90 seconds


Martin Ruis (Portugal)
Martin Ruis (Portugal)
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I was skeptical at first about this rare format but I was shocked when I tasted it. I got the same quality of my local specialty cafe but can prepare it at anytime in my coworking or hotel room. I’m enjoying using it thus far, it’s so convenient for my nomad lifestyle!

Stena Weil (Perth)
Stena Weil (Perth)
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WOW! How come I did not know about this before?? this is supertasty and love the "do-it-yourself" idea! I am an event planner and offered this coffee during a startup event to provide a different product and we got a great feedback from most of the attendees!

Christian (Singapore)
Christian (Singapore)
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I decided to try the pilot for my small office because I loved the idea of having a new product which is also sustainable and gourmet. I offered it for free initially but it was a huge success and they were asking for more! so finally I decided to also resell it in the cafe of my office, people love it!



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