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The purpose of a business is to provide value to customers. 

If it doesn’t do this, then it is not a business.

Without customers, you cannot start a business.

And if you don’t treat customers well, you might not be in business for very long!

This is the importance of customers and the rest of this post is an explanation of this and how you should look to help your customers – or people you want to become your customers!


Who Has The Money?

Who has the money that you and your business want?

The answer is, people.

If you want money – and this is the reason many businesses do what they do – then you are going to need to give value to your customers, or people who you want to be your customers.

And you are going to have to consider what it is that they value in order for them to give you their money,

What is it that they want and how much are they willing to pay for it?

But there is something that comes before all that and it is more important than what you might be able to do for other people,


Trust is the foundation of every human relationship.

If you want people to invest in you (whether their time, money or other than that) then they are going to need to trust you.

Since we know that there are thieves and not nice people out there, the customer is going to need to trust you before they even open up their hearing to what valuable thing you want to swap for their money.

Again, this is the importance you have to give to the customer.

You have to earn their trust and this cannot be avoided.

Even conmen have to do this, although they break that trust and it eventually comes back to harm them.

Some people in business treat customers well until they buy their product/service and then they just leave them on their own to seek new customers.

This isn’t very good business either.

And some business people treat their customers well before during and after working with them, and these are by far and away the closest to what’s best.

See, customers are the way by which money is coming to your business, and one of the main ways by which *new* customers are likely coming to your business; they are from the first people to let you know when you have made a mistake and they are from the last of the people you should let down.

Without your business, there will still be customers, but without customers – you are not a business.

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How Do You Earn Someone’s Trust?

So this opens us up to the question, how do you earn someone’s trust?

It’s so simple, make this your take away from today’s post:

Be a good person. 

It is that simple.

All of the marketing tips and tricks out there are basically just a way of making it seems like someone is a good person.

But the funny thing is, it takes less energy to just actually go ahead and be a good person than it does to go through all of these complicated techniques and strategies that people do to make people think they are.

Just be a good person if you want customers to give you their money.

Remember, people give money to other people because they hope for more value to come to them in return.

This is a base principle you want to return back to.

However, don’t assume you know what it is that this person wants.

Everyone is different and you never know precisely what it is that someone else wants.

We are going to need to get to the bottom of what it is our customer wants, and thank God, that is very simple also:

Ask Questions

There is a very easy way of learning about what your customers want, and it is to ask them.

Picture a scenario,

Sales Pitch:

The salesperson or the owner, etc, go into the pitch.

The person who they want to be their customer is there, they have scheduled them 15 minutes, it’s time to sell them.


So they put on an amazing presentation, showing exactly what it is that they do, how many people they have helped, the amount of time/money they have saved/given their clients.

But wait, they forgot one crucial element.

They forgot to ask the lead what they wanted.

You see, the lead might not have this particular problem that you are trying to solve.

He might actually have a bigger one that you should be selling him an even better product or service to help solve.

But the salesperson didn’t ask, and he never found out.


Imagine going to a doctor, sitting down, and before you tell him your problem he’s already writing you a subscription for this new pill he loves.


So Now You Know What They Want…

So you have asked questions, genuinely desiring to help them as much as you can (it might be worth reading this last bit over and over again) you’ve found out that their problem might actually be solved by this product/service of yours.


And you might have one of the most beneficial products in the world, but, don’t assume that other people know that.

If you take a laptop and plant it in front of a baby, are they going to know all of the various benefits in it?

Well, consider, that your customer is somewhere between a baby and you in terms of specific knowledge of your product.

You might know full well that your product is something able to help them arrive at where they need to be, but they will more than likely not know that.

It is your job – after being a good person (striving against your desires), genuinely caring about them and asking questions with the sincere desire to help them – to teach them about your product.

Find out where they are in their knowledge (by asking questions with genuine desire to help) then take them gently and gradually through all the things they need to learn to go from where they are now to where they want to be.

Do we see how important it is to have that trust first?

I hope you wouldn’t take anyone as your teacher – well you are their teacher as it comes to this product or service.

If you have done the above steps then you have done the 90% or so of what you need to do.

All that remains is…


Open Shop - Customers, Are they important - What's The Importance of Customers_ - Remote Coffee - Drip Bag Coffee Best Japanese


“Closing” is a Myth

So people have this idea that you say some clever phrase and people will just be amazed by giving you their money.


Not so.

You go through the steps above and you make things so easy for them that their hand is almost open for you to take what you need.

Show them you care, give them your product or service completely for free, ask them how much value do you think this might bring you/your company.

Then sell it to them for less than half its worth.

Does that sound fair enough?



What is The Importance of Customers?


If you don’t value your customers, then why should they value what you offer?

Or to put it another way, the money that you have coming to you is in a large way a reflection of the value you place on helping your customers.

We want to leave you with some actionable advice to take away with you so here is your 6-step plan to acquiring and keeping customers.

  1. Be a Good Person
  2. Genuinely care about other people
  3. Get to the bottom of their biggest problems
  4. If you are able, give them something to help them out.
  5. If you have done the above, they will likely be inclined to give you money anyway, so give them a price of no more than half of the value of the service you give.
  6. Keep going through the above process in every single encounter.

And that’s it, sales, marketing and customer service in six points.

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Thanks a lot and take care,

Remote Coffee.

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