Productivity is the key to success. The more productive you are, the faster you can reach your goals. Striving to obtain better productivity starts by embracing a philosophy that allows you to set clear borders, pursue lofty goals, and keep yourself grounded in the day to day challenges. This is where the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy can be found.

What is Kaizen Productivity Philosophy?

This is a philosophy developed in Japan that creates proper organization at the workplace. Kaizen means “good change” which provides greater understanding as to the goals of what this philosophy can do for you and your business.

Because Kaizen is not tied to any single industry, it can be applied to virtually any job in any profession. That’s because the philosophy is shaped by you to get the most work accomplished during each day. From your personal habits at work to assisting others in projects, the ultimate goal is to identify the process that helps achieve the goals as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or safety.


As with most philosophical-based processes, it consists of several steps that help you understand and apply Kaizen to your daily life. What follows are six methods that can be used together to maximize your work potential.

Create a Single Work Philosophy: Put simply, standardize your routines so they can be repeated time and time again. For example, if you are posting content on social media on a regular basis, then create the templates, links, and objectives well ahead of time so you can use them regularly. This saves you time and effort while allowing for more time to create better content.

Plus, if for some reason you must turn over the work to someone else temporarily, they can use the templates, links, and other items to frame what they produce. This makes it easier on them and they can even follow the Kaizen philosophy as well.

Start Small: When creating your work process, start with small items and expand them. For example, identifying the steps you take in doing your job, so you can know where to start each and every time will save you effort over the long run.

It helps to document or record the first step, the one that starts all of your tasks. By starting in the same place, it will be easier to complete the rest of the task at hand. If that does not work, you will need to evaluate the challenges and work to change them or improve what you do until you find that first step.

Speed Up the Process: Once you have established a working process that completes tasks at a faster rate, the next step is identifying how you can speed it up even more. It can be as simple as staring a little earlier in the day, getting rid of an unnecessary task, or allocating your time in a more productive way.

For example, if you need to complete a daily task that takes 20 minutes, it may work better to find five minutes here and there when you are in-between other tasks. The result is that instead of taking 20 minutes at the end of your day, you can instead break it up and have it completed earlier because you incorporated it into your schedule.

Refine & Improve

It may seem by this point that you have established your work process to the point of perfection. But times change and what may have been perfect yesterday has now become a rut that is costing you time today. This is because new items are introduced such as updated computers, faster processing devices, and other items that change the pace of productivity.

They may take time to learn and incorporate into your workflow, but once they are fully learned you can change your current process to make it even faster and more efficient. From creating templates to checklists and more, new technologies and advances can become a powerful part of speeding up your productivity and producing a higher-quality result.

Benefits on Incorporating the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy

By looking at what you are doing, you can create a better work environment as you produce more in less time. However, the benefits of this philosophy go well beyond just increasing your productivity.


All these benefits will create a better you in your workplace. Whether you are running the business or just one part of a larger company, the attributes of the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy means that you improve along with how fast you complete your tasks. A better you means you not only get more accomplished at work, but you can also experience more of your life at home.

This leads to one of the biggest benefits, the ability to change when needed. Life is seldom predictable which means that when new challenges arise from seemingly nowhere, it can be difficult to make the necessary changes to both address the new issue and complete existing work. The Kaizen philosophy allows you the time to evaluate and make such changes that are necessary with less disruption.

For example, if in addition to your daily tasks you are given a new task to complete on that day, you can quickly change your schedule to accommodate the project. Because you know what you are doing so well, it becomes easier to make changes to address this new challenge and keep up with your established work as much as possible.

This is because you can better prioritize your efforts, get what is needed done, and recover in less time to finish your established routines all because of the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy. This is because Kaizen addresses the organization of your tasks, so you can do more in less time while not sacrificing quality. For those who are looking to improve what they do and get more from their career, the Kaizen Productivity Philosophy offers you the means to reach your career goals.

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