By improving how you treat customers.

If you want your customers to be better, then do this: help them to be better.

There might be a lot of effort being expended out there, of people trying to attract the best possible clientele they can, but here’s the thing….

They might already have clientele that trust them – even to the point of giving them their money – that they aren’t helping to become better people!

Help Improve Your Customers

Imagine, if from the moment your customers set foot inside your hotel, that you make it your mission to help improve them as people.

Seriously, as they enter the door you already have a member of staff asking them what they need, genuinely, trying to see how they might see that it is fulfilled.

From setting up areas in the hotel which they might use (in addition to their rooms) to become better people.

Here are some of the usual suspects:

– Fitness Suite

– Spa for Relaxation

– Coworking area/Meeting Rooms

– Restaurant for Meeting Clients

Think about it like this,

Let’s say we want nobler, or better mannered or more influential people to be your customers,

So why should they trust us?

How have we treated the customers we already have?

If you want your customers to improve, help them to improve.

And here’s something, if you focus on doing that then don’t be surprised if you start to attract others from the types of people you want to be in your hotel.

So for the rest of this article, we want to layout to you how you might go about helping your customers to improve and in doing that, you will have done what you need to do to improve your customer profile.

Makes sense right?

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Your Marketing

So the first interaction you have with your customers will likely be before they enter your hotel, let’s try and get things started on the right foot.

So we want to improve our customer, how can we communicate this to who we market to?

Perhaps show them our rooms, or tell them all our features?

No, better than that.

Perhaps telling them how people have benefitted from your hotel in the past?

Nope, even better than that.

Perhaps telling them we want to make them better, a slogan like, “Helping You On Your Way” or “Checkout Better Than You Checked In”?

Better than that!

Try and improve them from the very first encounter.

Try this,


[Your Hotel] “What do you need?”

And a link to chat with you with requests.

Look, just reading it might have them thinking.

You’ve grabbed their attention, maybe they are asking, “Hmm, good point what do I need?”

“I don’t know [your hotel] but it certainly seems like they want to know what I need. “

Now you’ve set the tone, let’s try and keep this up.

The Lobby

So your customer is here, and the beauty of hotels is that many people only come to town once every so often.

Meaning, that if there is a nice hotel then they may choose your hotel every time, simply to avoid falling for a not so good one.

That doesn’t mean we should let off the gas though, as we want to help them so much they actually feel obliged to recommend friends and family.

So how do we do this?

We need everyone who works in the hotel to know that their job is to help improve the customer.

Not to try and sell to them, or to take their money.

Improving our customer is our hotel’s goal, our sales, our marketing and our customer service.

 Hotel - Here's How Your Hotel Should Improve Its Customers Remote Coffee - Drip Bag Coffee Instant

The Room

Obviously this is a big part of any hotel, the space you have set aside specifically for them.

They are your guest and your customer, so they have a right.

We want to skip over the obvious like being nicely laid out and clean.

What about added extras?

First of all, don’t think of them as added extras (sorry!) – look at the message this is sending,

“We want to help you improve, just pay us first.”

Hopefully, we can do better than this!

Here’s a better message:

“Here are many of the things you need.” (Meaning, for free!)

Just in case there are some people who are concerned with helping too much, here’s some quick foundational knowledge:

Microeconomics 101

See, the business world works like this:

You start with providing value to other people, you become better at it and you keep doing it.

And that’s it.

The money just comes with this.

There may be a slight time difference between the two, but this is just a test of whether you really want to do good or not.

You start by giving, getting better at giving by giving and then you keep giving.

Then, eventually, there will be people who want you to give to them, but you only have so many resources.

Find out how many people you are able to help with the resources you have.

Charge a fee that leaves you with that exact amount of customers.

Reinvest money after costs into growing your resources that you might help even more people.


In case anyone needs an example of this, Amazon has had zero profit for almost its entire history, and its slogan is “The World’s Most Customer-Centric Company”.

Nourish Your Guests

So, what should we put in the room? (Detour over)!

Well, what do your customers need?

Starting from today make sure you ask all your customers what they need when they check-in, genuinely trying to find how to help them.

Keep all these written down in a free polling software like Google Forms for example.

Now every month or so go through and find solutions to these problems in the form of things to put in the majority of the rooms.

Let’s say they have a wide selection of different drinks they want? Okay, fill the room with them.

Seriously, a large portion of your customers might not even drink them, but at least they’re there if they need them!

Also, add a personal note like “Don’t feel bad, it’s on the house!”

Instead of them having to think, “I want the drink, but I don’t want to have to spend time explaining purchases on the company account,” (our job is to relieve stress remember!)

What is also a nice touch, is to only have organic, natural, helpful products in your rooms (or preferably most of your hotel.

The additional costs might be a dollar or so per item but you might be spending over 20% of total revenue on marketing!

Imagine holding onto the cost of a cup of coffee, and not having our customers thinking, “this hotel seems to care about my health!”

Send Them Away Well

And while we on the topic of coffee, think, how much do you or your firm pay to acquire a new customer or bring one back?

Okay, now think about how much of you or your employees time is spent researching, finding and acquiring customers?

Right, so what is stopping you from, when your guest checks out, giving them a free ice coffee or ice tea?

Seriously, how many businesses spend millions to get people in but not to send them on the way in a good manner?

Don’t we still care about them when they are checking out?

Value Their Time

High profile customers value their time more than money.

Let that sink in for a moment.

They spend large amounts of money, and this is from the ways that money comes to them.

They spend money to save time:

Business-class flights, drivers, assistants, accountants, lawyers, personal trainers, stylists…

Their time being worth more than money is how they are and they want to be supported in this.

Try and make people’s time worth more and don’t be surprised if they value your time more than their money (and pay you for it).

How might we do this? Save them time from low value-adding tasks.

They are higher profile (or you want to help them to be), so they may very well have a skill that people are willing to pay large amounts of money for.

So save their time for that.

This means, easy checking in and out, don’t charge for little extras, give them for free and if you aren’t as profitable as you might like then charge more for rooms in the future when you have more customers than you do rooms.

You don’t want to send the message that you value the $1.50 you charge for the drink in the mini-fridge more than the two minutes you take of their time to go over the receipt and charge them for it.

This would literally be valuing their time at less than $60 per hour.

And if you want to help your customers become people who’s time is worth more than that – value their time more than that.

Imagine going to a hotel that seemed to value your time, health and happiness more than you do.

How could you go anywhere else?

 Hotel - Here's How Your Hotel Should Improve Its Customers Remote Coffee - Drip Bag Coffee Instant

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