Being more productive should be the goal of everyone, especially entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses or those doing remote work. Greater productivity is best generated by creating a mindset that focuses you on the task at hand that gets more completed in a shorter amount of time. One such concept is known as Ikigai which has been quite popular in Japan for some time. Especially for remote workers who are faced with many distractions.

What is Ikigai?

A Japanese term that means “reason for being”, this so-called theory of everything has helped many people achieve their career goals, especially those who work on their own.

The philosophy of Ikigai is designed to create the proper balance between the spiritual and the practical. Basically, where your goals, talents, passions, skills, and profession meet is where your Ikigai can be found. Put simply, Ikigai is the place that removes the seeming contradictions in pursuing your dreams while still enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Most people want to get the most out of their lives. To live in a manner that provides meaning for themselves and has impact on others. However, there is also the enjoyment of what life brings which includes the money generated by your efforts. Which means that those who spend their time earning the money do not get the enjoy the lifestyle that their wealth makes possible and vise versa.

For those who are at such an impasse, Ikigai may offer the answer. This is particularly true when you are creating a lifestyle on your own by building a business, performing remote work, or not having enough people around you to provide that balance and motivation.

How to Discover Ikigai

The first step is to find your passion, something that really interests you and then find the medium that allows you to express it effectively. This is not as direct sounding as it may seem. For example, the late Steve Jobs was considered by most to be a computer whiz and technical expert. But his real passion was in craftsmanship. Getting things right to the smallest detail to create the best items possible was his ultimate goal.

The result was that his passion was transmitted through a medium that allowed his to create considerable wealth. That is Ikigai. Knowing your passion and then finding the right opportunity to express it.

You will also need to find balance with your passion and opportunity as well. Ikigai is also about enjoying life, finding balance in your day, and having fulfillment that goes outside your immediate passion. It’s not just about family, religion, or other interest, it is about everything else of consequence in your life. By addressing everything that is connected through your Ikigai, you can find even more fulfillment in your daily activities.

For remote workers who are struggling to earn a living to entrepreneurs who are trying to find the right business opportunity, Ikigai offers the means by which you can make the money and enjoy your life at the same time. By providing balance whether it is remote work, business creation, or getting more out of your job, Ikigai offers a path to fulfillment that goes well beyond your work.


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