For anyone within the hospitality industry, it would be fair to say that the COVID-19 crisis has caused massive changes to how you work. With many of us left unable to work for various reasons, it’ time to start thinking about how you can make work-life easier and better upon your eventual return. For example, does your establishment serve coffee to anyone staying with you?

Then it might be time to come back from COVID-19 downtime with a whole new idea for coffee. If your place of work is using a coffee machine to service guests, clients, and staff, it might be time to make a major change to how you work.

Coffee machines are useful to an extent, but they do have some interesting problems. For one, they are very hard to clean – it requires far more time and resources than it realistically should. During the COVID- 19 crisis, too, we’ve become more aware of just how important it is to clean down products – including devices that multiple people use such as coffee machines.

That’s why turning to pre-packed coffee bags that can be used with a kettle and/or water dispenser is the ideal alternative. In this guide, we’re going to break down the important decisions to make, why you should make them, and the long-term benefits that such decisions will bring to the table for your business. So, without any further delays – let us look at the first kind of coffee tips that we have for co-working office workers.

Coffee Solutions for Co-working Office Owners

If you are one of the many owner sofa co-working offices, then you know how important it is to keep things clean and simple. When people start returning to an office work culture, it’s likely that they’ll be looking to see changes in the way that you organize and prepare things. The days of cluttered, busy desks are going to be over. Instead, it’s going to be about cleanliness and ensuring that people can maintain personal and professional space from one another.

1.  You’ likely find that things like food vendors for your co-working office will be reduced in available hours, available quantities of food, and even what is available to buy. You’ll even find that things you used to put on – office coffee machines, fresh fruit – might have to be put to the one side for now.

2.  It’s likely we’ll see are duction in the number of cash transactions allowed. We recommend that you look to bring an end to cash payments and help-yourself coffee machines. The best thing to do is to replace things like coffee machines with single-use disposable coffee bags and tea bags since this will help to avoid the spread of not only COVID-19 but all viruses.

3.  If your caféisset up for contactless take away of things like coffee, then you can ensure that there is less physical interaction from person to person.

4.  If you have any kind of cafe corner or coffee providing service in your workplace, it might be time to change it up in terms of how you make products available.

People will be conscious of working in an area where many surfaces are being touched. This creates a number of high-traffic areas within the co-working office, which will mean that there is a higher chance for contamination.

This includes things like door handles, accessory handles, entrances and exits, and even the coffee machines we spoke of before. Instead of returning to the days of podded coffee machines, moving to a more disposable option can reduce contamination, minimize contact on regularly used surfaces, and keep people safer. By doing this, you show a commitment to all involved that you are ready to make changes to keep them safe.

While COVID-19 will come to an end, the new conscious need to look after ourselves and the places we live and work within shall remain. Expectanyco-working offices have to make serious adjustments to how they allow people to interact with one another.


Coffee Solutions for Hotel Owners

If you run a hotel, then it is very likely that you’ll need to make some serious changes to how you dispense items to staff and people staying at your venue.

1.  You should avoid having coffee maker machines in the rooms of your hotel anymore; they are one oftheWhilemanyofthegerms present are naked to the human eye, it requires the most thorough cleaning to remove them entirely.

2.  Coffee makers require a deep and thorough rinsing, normally using vinegar to avoid the build-up of mold and/or bacteria inside the coffee machine.

Previous studies managed by experts at the University of Valencia found that coffee machines can have a “moderately to highly abundant” level of bacteria within them. As cleaning staff interacts with these machines, they soon become carriers and thus spread the contagion around the hotel.

3.  With a virus capable of living for as long as nine days ornamental, glass, and/or plastic surface, it’s not going to just fade away. Ensure that you make all cleaning staff take cleaning far more seriously than they might already.

4.  Many hotels are making the brave choice to discontinue things like hotel restaurants, bars, and coffee stations temporarily. After COVID-19, we recommend bringing an end to DIY coffee stations in all hotel rooms.

5.  Instead, you could look at either introducing single-serve food options into the hotel with pre-made boxed models. Or you could look at having team members serve guests at a buffet, with serious social distancing and hygiene measures locked into place.

Using disposable, single-use coffee bags and having them available at coffee stations throughout the hotel can be a better use of resources whilst maximizing hygiene standards.


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