It may seem for many that life revolves around instant coffee. A quick brew that generates a cup or two of instant coffee is how many people get their day started or use as a pick-me-up when their energy runs low. Unlike standard ground coffee that takes time to brew, instant coffee is fast and has all the attributes of good taste and enough caffeine to get you up, so you can take on the day.

But there are downsides to instant coffee that are becoming more noticeable to those who want to improve their health. The good news is that there is an instant coffee alternative that provides the speed of instant with the taste of great coffee without health issues.

What is Unhealthy about Instant Coffee?

It’s not the coffee itself that is unhealthy, it is the additives that they put into the coffee which raises health concerns. The additives that help make the coffee instant are not toxic, but they are not the healthiest that you can put into your body. Add to this the sugar or worse, sugar substitutes that may help keep unwanted weight and instant coffee becomes considerably less desirable for those who want to keep fit and slim.

However, it is difficult to argue with the main attribute of instant coffee which is its speed in terms of brewing. Many people simply do not have the time to create traditional coffee, but there is a great alternative that provides the speed of brewing you desire without the unhealthy additives.

Can You Use Ground Coffee as Instant?

The answer is yes, you can use ground coffee to make instant coffee when needed. The only question is how to contain the coffee grounds, so they do not wind up in your cup. The answer is surprisingly simple and highly popular in certain parts of the world, although depending on where you live it may not be so common.

Many people might not consider ground coffee as an instant coffee alternative, but it can be used when the coffee is contained in drip bags. Drip bags are quite popular in Japan where millions of people use them to create the delicious coffee they enjoy without having to spend more than a couple of minutes brewing it.

Each drip bag contains gourmet coffee inside that is freshly roasted and then grounded. You can carry drip bags with you wherever you go. All you need to do is boil some water, put in the drip bag, and let it sit for 90 seconds. Once it is ready, you can enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee at your convenience.

How It Works

The drip bags come in secure pouches that remain sealed until you open them. All you need is a cup to hold the bag and the coffee and some boiling water to create the drink.

  • Open the pouch containing the drip bag and set the bag inside the coffee cup
  • The bag is secured to both sides and the top is open.
  • Pour the hot water into the open part on top of the bag
  • The water will mix with the coffee grounds
  • The coffee will drip through the fabric of the bag into the cup


In 90 seconds, you will have a perfect cup of coffee. Just dispose of the bag when you are completed. The concept of a drip bag may seem similar at first to tea bags, but the difference is that while you set the tea bag inside the hot water, a drip bag means you pour the hot water into the bag itself.


There are numerous benefits to using drip bags, especially when they come from a reputable source for fine coffee such as Remote Coffee.

Easy to Use: All you need are the drip bags, the ability to boil water, and a cup that will hold your coffee. It takes almost no time to learn how to use them, which means that you can enjoy a great cup of coffee no matter where you are as long as you can boil the water.

Portable: If you do not like the coffee at your workplace, then you can carry it with you wherever you go. Put a few drip bags in your purse or carry them in a pouch so you can enjoy great coffee on your time no matter where you are.

Variety: Remote Coffee offers a wide variety of flavors that makes it easy to find the one you will enjoy. Select from the wide range of choices and enjoy delicious coffee just like they do in Japan. The best in boutique instant coffee without any of the downsides.

Healthy: When you drink coffee that is brewed from freshly roasted grounds, you get a healthy drink that can be enjoyed anywhere. No sugars or additives are included, just fresh coffee that you can enjoy. Of course, you can add milk, sugar, or anything else you want because that is your choice.

Delicious: You may be surprised just how much flavor comes through when you use a drip bag. The unique design means that you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without having to worry about the coffee grounds getting into your cup. This means pure enjoyment when you sample the many flavors that are available.

How Remote Coffee Works for You

All you need is hot water and 90 seconds to create a delicious cup of coffee. If you are looking for an instant coffee alternative that is fast to create and provides delicious flavor, then coffee drip bags are the answer. You can find boutique instant coffee that has the flavor, taste, and caffeine you want while not adding additives that affect your health. Plus, you can choose from decaffeinated coffees as well.

Remote Coffee offers you the chance to purchase coffee drip bags that contain a wide variety of flavors without sacrificing the speed of instant coffee.


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