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Weight per bag – 9g to 11g

Shelf life – 18 months

Certification – FDA, SGS, and HALA

Current Single Origin Coffees available:


Coffees that originate from Colombia are well known for their extensive quality and varying flavors. This is due to the peculiar planting and preparation techniques used in the South American Country.

Colombia coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans. It is often harvested by handpicking from locals who are experts in coffee selection and prepared by high roasting. Of course, this makes it a favorite among coffee lovers.

Colombia coffee comes in various flavors based on the region of origin in the country. However, we prefer to go with the Northern version that offers an excellent blend of chocolate, nutty, caramel while maintaining its thickness.



Ethiopia is the “birthplace of coffee” as the first Arabica beans were found in the country. Over the decades, the African country has managed to develop fantastic varieties that have put smiles on the faces of coffee-beverage fans around the globe.

Being the first place Arabica beans were discovered, Ethiopia coffee is 100% Arabica. It is mostly grown naturally and is city-roasted. In terms of taste, the Ethiopia coffee is described as possessing a floral mix of flavors. These include dark chocolate, cocoa, butter, and vanilla.


Tokyo Blend:

The Tokyo Blend originated from two countries, and this includes Brazil and Indonesia. Similar to other top coffee varieties, it is 100% Arabica and offers you unique and memorable flavors. The Tokyo Blend is high-roasted to lower its acidity and add a tint of smokiness. Remote Coffee’s Tokyo Blend is characterized by having flavors that vary between chocolate, hazelnut, almond, and vanilla.


Nordic Blend

The Nordic Blend offers coffee lovers an awesome combination of tastiness from two favorite coffee origin locations, Brazil and Colombia. The variety is 100% Arabica and is prepared using city-roast.

The Nordic Blend tasting notes describe the coffee mix as one with fruity aroma alongside walnut, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors. Its shelf life is above average at 18 months, thereby, allowing you to enjoy premium coffee tastiness for a more extended period of time.



Some countries have had decades to master coffee planting and harvesting, and Indonesia among them. The Asian country provides some of the best coffee varieties around the globe. Remote Coffee’s Indonesia variety is 100% Arabica and is prepared using city-roast. This variety also has a herbal and longan feel and is perfect for your early mornings.