Matcha Tea On The Go (30 Sticks)


Partnering with the Tsuboichi brand, we bring you one of the tastiest tea matcha worldwide. Tsuboichi is a professional group of tea experts who are well seasoned in preparing traditional Japanese beverages.

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The Tsuboichi tea matcha is prepared under standard and safe procedures backed by relevant authorities. It has international licenses such as ISO9001 and JAS organic under strong safety control. It is also reported that this Matcha tea offers several health benefits such as improving mental health, lowering obesity, reducing skin pigmentation, acting as a potent anti-oxidant, etc.

Undoubtedly, the Tsuboichi tea match offers exceptional flavors, as well as many health benefits. More interestingly, it can be enjoyed on various recipes such as soda, cakes, yogurt, bread, etc. If you haven’t had a taste, you’re missing on a whole lot.

Our tea match, the Tsuboichi premium soluble matcha, comes in a fine powdery form that’s soluble in water or milk. It is prepared using rare and high-value Japanese tea leaves called “tencha.” Its delicious flavors are natural as it is only combined with natural fiber, dextrin, without any form of food additives.

The tea matcha is also easy to brew as it is individually packaged and bagged to be enjoyed in one cup. Also, a single bag of Tsuboichi premium soluble matcha is lightweight as it contains 1g of powder. This allows for easy portability on your travels etc.

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