Japanese Mugs


We offer two types of Japanese mugs for your delightful coffee experience. They are delicately built to ensure you get the best out of your beverages at every point in time.

  • Ceramic mug

Ceramic mugs are a favorite for several varieties of beverages, which does not leave out coffee. However, our Japanese version tops the rank with its unique and durable build. It has a handgrip shape that allows for easy hold. Its body is non-absorbent, which allows you coffee to retain its flavors and aroma for a longer time.

  • Porcelain mug

Our porcelain mug comes in an appealing black and white color. This look is further accompanied by a wooden hanger that gives it a sleek feel. This mug can hold 400ml of coffee in terms of capacity and is excellent at retaining heat, thanks to its porcelain makeup. Lastly, it is eco-friendly and easily disposable.

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