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Your guests are giving you money hoping for more value to come to them in return.

If we give them less value than they believe their money is worth, will they want to come back for more? (Or in reality, come back for less!)

On the other side, if we provide them with what they *value many times more* than the value of their money – what will need to stop them from coming back (and/or recommending their friends and colleagues!?)

Guest Satisfaction

Guest satisfaction is the way by which you are in business.

Really, take a moment to reflect.

If you started off (or your employer) by giving everyone bad service, giving them less value than their money was worth, how would the business grow?

The money we have coming to us is, in general, just a reflection of the amount of value our customers believe we have given them.

Let’s see this in action:

If we have a single guest and don’t leave them satisfied, what might be the result?

God Knows best, but perhaps them not coming back, not recommending and even leaving a bad review on a site that it is very difficult to get it taken down from!

Not good.

However, if we leave our guest satisfied, what might the result be?

They might come again, or recommend a close one etc.

But wait, what if we provide the *best* customer service we possibly can?

Maybe they stay every time they are in town, recommend their whole workplace, leave a good review and book even at the last minute (when the prices have gone up!)

Hotel - Why Guest Satisfaction is CRUCIALLY Important to Your Business = Remote Coffee Drip Coffee

The Mindset

Again, we need to internalise that the money that is coming to us is just a reflection of how satisfied our customers are with the service we have provided them.

If our income is down at a particular point in time, let’s look back over the last year or so and I guarantee we will find areas where we fell short.

Benefitting your customers is the reason you are in business.

Now, you might be wondering how to leave your guests satisfied – no problem, just keep reading:

What Do My Guests Need?

Your guests have come to you for a reason.

We might think we know what this reason is, and we might be wrong.

What we need to do when we don’t know something, is to ask.

As simple as it is, just asking may be enough to increase guest satisfaction.

There are likely going to be times when you are waiting for things to load or arrive, etc – use these moments wisely.

And not just firing off a question to fill the silence either.

The thing is, what you say might not matter as much as you think, it’s the why and the how that makes the most impact.

For example, “What brings you to [our town/event]?” may be seen as just small talk, or, sincerely probing to find ways to help them get to where they want to go.

You have to get your mindset right (as seen above), knowing that this guest being satisfied with the service we give is important to us, and the way for us to do this is to genuinely care about them.

But I’m just an employee?

It’s definitely worth noting something here before we go further.

You might be thinking (or your employees might be), “well, I’m just an employee, I’m paid by the hour so does this really apply to me?”

Absolutely it does.

Think about it like this: your first customer is actually your employer.

They are paying you for a service (sound familiar?)

And that service being? To provide their customers with the best possible service.

So if you provide their customers with the best service you possibly can, it WILL come back to you.

You need to have patience, but it absolutely will.

Just think, if you provide great service – there are so many ways this might lead to an increase in personal income(/YOUR satisfaction), you need to have patience though.

Hotel - Why Guest Satisfaction is CRUCIALLY Important to Your Business = Remote Coffee Drip Coffee (2)

How to Leave Your Guests Wanting More (of your service)?

Give them more!

Give them what other hotels don’t and it might not be long until they give you what they don’t give to other hotels (meaning, brand loyalty!)

The basic idea that we want to work with here, is, of course, guest satisfaction.

To put this simply, we want to be in a situation where,

  1. The guest never has to ask.
  2. They never have to look.
  3. They never feel like something is missing.

This means a two-fold approach.

The first, is that you go through the guest process yourself.

Walk through what they have to go through and ask yourself at every turn, “What might they want in this situation?”

Examples might be a cold drink, a hot drink, a towel, a place to work, laundry service, massages, etc.

With this, we hope that you will increase in your understanding of your customer and how you might be able to vastly improve the service that you give them.

The second, is that you have to foster trust with your guests and gather massive amounts of information.

You should have a process in place for taking anonymous tips and advice already, as well as personally asking those of the customers who trust you for their honest opinion about your service.

Make sure these are written down (preferably typed down) in a central location that they might be passed to someone responsible for implementing changes.

We basically want to be in a situation where we do not even let the door open upon guest dissatisfaction.

Make sure everything they need is already where they need it, when they need it.

You might think this means increased cost, but think how many hours this might cut from having to spend time on recurring customer issues, instead of growing your business! (Putting out fires instead of planting trees!)

Also, you might have noticed that the more goods that are included with the bill, the cost goes up exponentially (consider how many resorts are about the same price on the cheap end, but the expensive ones go way up, more so than the cost of the goods you offer on top).

You can charge more for having made their stay easier.

The Jist

In your business, if you all get together and take responsibility for providing the customer with the best possible service for their money – don’t be surprised if your customers give you more responsibility for their money.

And if you focus on providing the best possible service to the customers of your employer, don’t be surprised if your employer (or someone else) wants to give you more responsibility!

Why is Guest Satisfaction Important?

Because you are there to satisfy the guest.

Also, having satisfied customers is like having living, breathing billboards for your business.

Or your service if you work for a business!

But more important than that, is how much better this is for us in ourselves.

If we are just focused on hoarding money and don’t care about the effect we are having on other people, how do you think this might leave us feeling – really?

What mental state will we be in?

If we focus instead on helping our customers arrive at where they need to be, at the very least we should feel a lot better.

Hotel - Why Guest Satisfaction is CRUCIALLY Important to Your Business = Remote Coffee Drip Coffee (3)

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